uni-prop models

Uni-Prop is supplied in three models: the Mini, Midi and Maxi.

This British innovation is the first upgrade to traditional styles of adjustable temporary support in over 80 years. Critically, health and safety issues are fully addressed as users can precisely control the safe delivery of power, when this function is required. Most importantly, this is achieved without having to force the top plate upwards by striking or levering the handle of the collar – a process that historically has resulted in many accidents and injuries to operators, as well as damage to property.

Extension range: 1140mm to 3330mm
Load tested to BS EN 1065
8mm x 150mm sq. top and base plates
4mm steel tubing
48mm diameter inner tube
60mm diameter outer tube
One piece outer tube with threaded section
Galvanised top and bottom pin assemblies
Laser cut ram access chamber
Laser cut ram movement slot
Powder coated finish
Cast collar and collar handle
Welded ram locator boss
Compatible with all standard accessories
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Uni-Prop Hydraulic Assembly

The Hydraulic Assembly is supplied as a sealed unit with 1.7m of 2SN hose and connected to the ram and the pump respectively.

Given there is no requirement for coupling/uncoupling, the Assembly is virtually maintenance free. The ram cylinder has been customised to fit inside the access chamber of Uni-Prop and the unit is supplied in a bespoke, heavy duty, HDPE case.

PLEASE NOTE: In the consideration of safety, ONLY the Uni-Prop Hydraulic Assembly can be used with the Uni-Prop range of temporary supports.

Capacity De-Rated to 2T (2000kg)
Max. Working Pressure 33MPa
Min. Height 235mm
Max. Height 355mm
Stroke Length 120mm
Oil Filled 350g
Oil Type 13# refrigerant oil
Operating Temp range -20°C to +50°C
Hose 2SN, 1.78m
Package Size 550 × 310 × 210mm
Gross Weight 9.6kg
Net Weight 6.2kg
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Up to 2000kg of controlled power
CE marked
Bespoke Uni-Prop ram
1.7m 2SN hydraulic hose
Low maintenance sealed unit
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) case
Printed User Instructions

Extension Ranges



OPEN (mm)




CLOSED: 1140 mm
OPEN: 1780 mm
WEIGHT: 11kg
CLOSED: 1725 mm
OPEN: 2950 mm
WEIGHT: 17kg
CLOSED: 2105 mm
OPEN: 3330 mm
WEIGHT: 18kg

Safe Working Loads

Uni-Prop — Hydraulic Operation

Loaded Concentrically and 1° max out of plumb


i) Safe Working Loads have been derived from load testing to BS EN 1065.
ii) Hydraulic Safe Working Loads are calculated to a minimum Factor of Safety of 2.5 to 1 on test results.
iii) See User Instructions to check precise Safe Working Loads by graduated extension.

Uni-Prop — Mechanical Operation

Loaded Concentrically and 1° max out of plumb


i) Safe Working Loads have been derived from load testing to BS EN 1065.
ii) Mechanical Safe Working Loads are calculated to a minimum Factor of Safety of 2 to 1 on test results.


SGS Testing Laboratories has certificated the Safe Working Load examinations on the three Uni-Prop models and delivered the CE mark for the Hydraulic Assembly.
The Uni-Prop temporary support is deemed to be in conformity with the requirements of Tensile test, Failure load and Test of a Pin and its supports according to BS EN 1065.

Certificates are available for inspection on request.

Uni-Prop Hydraulic Assembly has been tested according to all relevant current CE guidelines. Machine Directive 2006/42/EC.

EN 1494: 2000+A1:2008. Mobile or moveable jacks and associated lifting equipment.

EN ISO 12100: 2010. Safety of machinery – General Principles for Design – Risk Assessment and Risk Reduction.

Frequently asked Questions

Can I use the 2000kg of available power at any extension?

No. Please refer to the Safe Working Loads table before commencing use.

How do I make the collar turn more easily on the threaded section?

Sometimes the movement of the collar may be difficult to turn when the prop is new. Please use WD-40 or equivalent to free up the collar.

Can I leave the Hydraulic Assembly engaged?

No, as soon as the power function has been applied and the desired result achieved, you must immediately secure the position using the collar and top pin assembly. See user instructions for details.

Where can I hire Uni-Prop?

Please contact us for details of your nearest stockist.

Can I trade my old Acrows for Uni-Props?

Please contact us for details of any offer.

Will the Uni-Prop temporary support need an annual inspection?

There is no regulation relating to the inspection of Uni-Prop. It is recommended, however, to visually inspect Uni-Prop regularly to ensure all parts are in good working order..

Will the Hydraulic Assembly need an annual inspection?

Yes, this is a mandatory inspection which must be performed by a competent person.

Can I combine traditional adjustable props with Uni-Prop?

Yes, but it is recommended that you should always use Uni-Prop even when shoring because you have the opportunity to use controlled power, thereby eliminating the potential for unwanted vibration or displacement.

Which Uni-Prop should I use?

Please refer to the extension table per model in the technical section of the website.


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