A brand new take on the familiar Acrow prop, is set to revolutionise the construction industry.

Ipswich, Suffolk 22nd June 2018. Uni-Prop International Ltd. today announced availability in the UK of the Uni-Prop Multifunctional Temporary Support. Uni-Prop is an innovative adjustable building support that can be quickly adapted to also safely deliver hydraulic power. The device is widely regarded as a major development for the general building industry; the first such upgrade on Acrow style steel temporary building supports in over 80 years.

With a unique (and patented) design, Uni-Prop can be used as a traditional adjustable support or with controlled power of up to two tonnes following simple installation of a detachable hydraulic assembly, which is supplied as part of the product range as a sealed unit in a bespoke HDPE case. It is the addition of this option that makes Uni-Prop so special and sets it apart from existing devices that are used on virtually every building site across the globe.

Marketing Director, Christian Nichols explains, “Uni-Prop has been in development for three years and our resulting solution is a global first in terms of hydraulic assisted temporary support. The predecessor, (aka Acrow), is simply not fit for the purpose of the application of controlled power – something Uni-Prop delivers with complete ease and due deference to the all important Health & Safety considerations.”

The product has already gained attention from the construction industry and been featured in Executive Hire News. Tony Burrows, Operations Director of award-winning local building company Landex, is impressed and notes, “Uni-Prop doesn’t sound like playing a supporting role to me; it looks destined for centre stage and we wish the company well in their march to market. This a fantastic new solution and a ‘must-have’ for general builders. A truly great British innovation.”

Woodbridge based builder Marty Sheldrake of Debenside Building Co, is a big fan of the product having worked with it on a number of occasions and says, “Once builders have used it once, they will reach for it time-and-time again. Uni-Prop really takes the stress out of general building and given its dual function represents great value-for-money.”

As a reflection of its Ipswich origins, the company has today announced a sales promotion, which will benefit builders and construction companies in the region. Bridget Reed of the commercial team promised

“builders in our region will have the first opportunity to acquire Uni-Prop in the very near future. We will be inviting them all to take advantage of special local business discounts and free delivery. We are also working with a number of independent hire centres throughout the area”.

The company understands that there are a number of sub-standard Acrows currently in use, which were probably purchased via unregulated internet sales. Nichols added “In addition to the price incentive and free delivery, we are also offering local building companies a deal for a limited period of time where redundant Acrows (originally purchased from any supplier) can be traded-in against orders for Uni-Prop. We are inviting Suffolk’s builders to consider this, whether they are dubious about the production quality of their own existing props or if they simply want to take advantage of the opportunity to arrange an upgrade. Our product is failure load tested to BS EN 1065 and the bottom line is you can trust Uni-Prop”

For further information please contact Uni-Prop on: 0800 2545 456 or e-mail pr@uni-prop.com