Frequently asked Questions

Can I use the 2000kg of available power at any extension?

No. Please refer to the Safe Working Loads table before commencing use.

How do I make the collar turn more easily on the threaded section?

Sometimes the movement of the collar may be difficult to turn when the prop is new. Please use WD-40 or equivalent to free up the collar.

Can I leave the Hydraulic Assembly engaged?

No, as soon as the power function has been applied and the desired result achieved, you must immediately secure the position using the collar and top pin assembly. See user instructions for details.

Where can I hire Uni-Prop?

Please contact us for details of your nearest stockist.

Can I trade my old Acrows for Uni-Props?

Please contact us for details of any offer.

Will the Uni-Prop temporary support need an annual inspection?

There is no regulation relating to the inspection of Uni-Prop. It is recommended, however, to visually inspect Uni-Prop regularly to ensure all parts are in good working order..

Will the Hydraulic Assembly need an annual inspection?

Yes, this is a mandatory inspection which must be performed by a competent person.

Can I combine traditional adjustable props with Uni-Prop?

Yes, but it is recommended that you should always use Uni-Prop even when shoring because you have the opportunity to use controlled power, thereby eliminating the potential for unwanted vibration or displacement.

Which Uni-Prop should I use?

Please refer to the extension table per model in the technical section of the website.


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