Unique And Cost-Effective Dual Function Acrow Props

First introduced in 1935, the designs of adjustable support props have changed little in the past 80 years. That is, until now. 

William de Vigier, born in Switzerland, was behind the first steel adjustable prop, which he patented after moving to London in 1935. He realised that wooden props were not effective or safe enough for such work.

In the past eight decades, Acrow props have altered surprisingly little since that time but thanks to a groundbreaking innovation, Uni-Prop has changed all that.

Their award-winning hydraulic Acrow props are rapidly changing the way builders’ work.

Developed & patented by Uni-Prop International, who are global leaders in this type of technology, they enable safe shoring from above ground when controlled power is required.

The highly acclaimed Uni-Prop Acrow is a global first and supplied with a galvanised finish. It is the first major upgrade to adjustable prop technology offering traditional, manual only, support but quickly and easily converts to the hydraulic function.

The Uni-Prop Acrow is safe and effortless to operate and the new hydraulic power option is a real game changer on a number of applications in general building with, perhaps, the positioning of steels the most obvious.

Load tested to BS EN 1065 – the only available UK standard – and capable of delivering up to 2000kgs power, the Uni-Prop Acrow is the new must have adjustable prop for your business.

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