Demand has been growing steadily for ‘Uni-Prop’, the British-invented multifunctional temporary support.

After a period of record sales, Uni-Prop International now lists several hundred professional builders, including existing Federation of Master Builders’ Members, as customers.

A new distribution agreement for Australasia signed at these most challenging of times with the Hartman Group based in Melbourne, demonstrates the growing global awareness of this innovative product. With a unique, patented design, Uni-Prop can be used as a traditional adjustable prop (aka Acrow) or with precisely controlled power of up to 2T following simple installation of a detachable hydraulic assembly, which is supplied as part of the product range as a sealed unit in a bespoke HDPE case. It is the addition of this option that makes Uni-Prop so special and sets it apart from existing devices that are used on virtually every building site across the globe.

‘A global first in hydraulic assisted temporary support and the first major upgrade to the traditional Acrow adjustable prop in over 80 years.’

Uni-Prop has been recognised for addressing significant Health and Safety concerns regarding the use of adjustable props in the workplace. In 2016/17 according to Health and Safety Matters magazine, there were 609,000 reported Acrow-related accidents and 35 fatalities. Given the unique processes that enable Uni-Prop to safely deliver up to 2000kgs of controlled power, the potential for many accidents will be avoided in the future. It’s the benefit of added safely controlled power that caused one FMB customer to comment that “It’s the best new product development I’ve seen in 25 years in the building trade”.

Uni-Prop is available in three sizes: the Mini, Midi and Maxi models, spanning a range of 1140mm-3330mm. Uni-Prop is failure load tested to BS EN 1065 and can deliver up to 2000kgs of precisely controlled hydraulic power via the CE-marked Hydraulic Assembly.

The company’s Facebook page shows some fascinating film of Uni-Prop in use on specialist projects including floor raising (@UniPropUK)

In support of the Federation of Master Builders and BritBuild magazine, the company is offering special retail rates for FMB members (by quoting FMB1120).


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For further information please contact Uni-Prop on: 0800 2545 456 or e-mail