Temporary support system, Uni-Prop, has been short-listed for two National Building Awards.

These are a Health and Safety Award (where entrants have to evidence how they have improved health and safety in the workplace), and Innovation of the Year 2019. Sponsored by Tower Cranes UK, entrants in the Innovation category have to demonstrate how the business is doing something new, different, smarter or better that will make a positive difference to the construction sector, with a brand new product.

Invented in Britain, UNI-PROP is an adjustable building support that can be quickly adapted to also deliver controlled hydraulic power. The company comments that the device has created positive shock waves in the industry because of its detachable hydraulic assembly, which is supplied as a sealed unit in a bespoke HDPE case. It is the addition of this option that is said to set UNI-PROP apart from existing devices used on building sites.

The National Building Awards are sponsored by Liebherr and are made up of 23 categories, which are open to businesses in the construction sector. All entries are judged by a national panel of judges. The pinnacle of the awards is the Grand Celebration, a black-tie evening at Wembley Stadium in London on 22nd May.

UNI-PROP is available to hire or buy across the UK.

An online video can be seen at: https://youtu.be/vTcLK3mRDb4

The product has also received numerous endorsements from the construction industry: Rob Boulton of Power Construction in Dunmow comments: “We hired these UNI-Props from 727 in Dunmow and were a little dubious when they arrived. Having used them for the first time we will never use the old manual props again. They are an incredible leap forward in safe temporary support. UNI-Props are easy to use, quick to position, infinitely adjustable and far, far safer – no more twisting top plates under wobbly steel beams.”

The product is available in three sizes: Mini, Midi and Maxi, is failure load tested to BS EN 1065, and can deliver up to 2000kg of controlled hydraulic power via the CE marked hydraulic assembly.

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For further information please contact Uni-Prop on: 0800 2545 456 or e-mail info@uni-prop.com