Why you shouldn’t use ‘historical’ tooling for high-profile heritage projects.

Protecting the heritage of our national historic and traditional buildings is embedded into our sociological and environmental consciences. Many of our heritage organisations were created with the aim to protect and manage our cultural heritage. The construction sector is at the forefront of supporting projects which drive the preservation and protection of our national built heritage.

Managing heritage-listed building projects, from a construction perspective, includes renovation, restoration and refurbishment. Construction firms will recognise that projects can incorporate complex issues that demand specialised tools. Sometimes firms face criticism due to heritage projects running over time and, as a result of such delays, over budget. The cause of delays is often attributable to the lack of specialised tooling available to carry out complex works.

When using tooling for support (i.e., with Acrows) complex projects might include positioning heavy steels, correcting staircases, levelling floors, rectifying listing walls …even lifting entire buildings. For all of these, millimetre precision is required together with delivery of safe and controlled force. Until now, outdated old-style Acrows were the only option available.

Invented in Britain, award-winning Uni-Prop has created positive shock waves in the construction sector and is replacing rusty old-style Acrows at a rate of knots on sites across the UK and beyond. Made from galvanised steel, the Uni-Prop can be used as a standard Acrow and has the option of utilising up to 2000kg of additional hydraulic power vertically or horizontally via a detachable hydraulic assembly, which is supplied as a sealed unit in a bespoke HDPE case.

Why you should consider replacing your old-style Acrows with Uni-Props. With Uni-Prop only linear force is applied, which eliminates twists or vibrations (familiar to old-style Acrow users).

The Uni-Prop is load-tested using the latest and only standard accreditation (BS EN 1065) which has superseded defunct standards BS 4074 and BS 5507.

If you’re using old-style Acrows, then you won’t be complying with the latest standards!

As well as numerous Grade I and II Listed properties, Uni-Props were successfully deployed at the Palace of Westminster/Houses of Parliament and Butley Priory (C13th, Grade I Listed)

The company’s Facebook page shows some fascinating film of Uni- Prop in use on specialist projects including floor raising. (@UniPropUK)

Uni-Props are available in Size 0 (Mini), Size 1 (Midi) and Size 2 (Maxi) models, spanning a range of 1140mm-3330mm.

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For further information please contact Uni-Prop on: 0800 2545 456 or e-mail info@uni-prop.com