Is it time to replace the acrow? The developers of the Uni-Prop, a new temporary support system, argue there is a better way.

Acrows have had it all their own way on site for quite a few years now. Indeed, the world of steel temporary supports hasn’t seen a significant upgrade in over 80 years. That was before the Uni-Prop arrived, an adjustable building support that can be quickly adapted to also deliver hydraulic power.

In use the application of controlled power of up to two tonnes ensures safety and avoids damage to the integrity of the brick and plasterwork around it, making renovation a key application for the Uni-Prop. By contrast, traditional acrows can cause the kind of damage that requires expensive and time-consuming remedial work – adding unnecessary risk, delay and cost to refurbishment projects.

Jeremy Walsham, Director of Footings Direct in Colchester, explains: “Striking the traditional prop collar (tightening piece) to apply the final upwards pressure, obviously then creates unnecessary movement in the brick that you’re trying to support, displaces bricks, cracks tiles in the bathroom upstairs, leaves cracks coming down the wall and doesn’t really give you that much confidence in the pressure, but the new Uni-Prop does. It gives so much pressure under the joists and, because you’re not banging away at the fastening collar, you don’t get any movements, brakes or displacement. We’ve taken out all our stock and replaced them with these. It’s time to replace the old acrow!

“Until you see and use it on site and, realise the confidence it gives you to implement big steels, and shore-up big supporting walls, and the ease of use – you might not believe it. The guys had one run through of the hydraulic unit and got it immediately.”

The key innovation that allows for increases in safety, time and efficiency is the detachable hydraulic assembly. It is the addition of this feature that sets it apart from existing devices that are used on virtually every building site everywhere. Managing Director, David Marr commented: “Uni-Prop has been in development for three years and our resulting solution is a global first in terms of hydraulic-assisted temporary support.”

For further information please contact Uni-Prop on: 0800 2545 456 or e-mail info@uni-prop.com